Wedding Cakes - The Designs

One of my favourite parts of the wedding cake timeline is the designing. I love getting the creative juices flowing!

At your wedding cake consultation, we’ll chat about your dream cake. Some couples know exactly what they want their cake to look like. Other couples don’t have a clue! It doesn’t matter though. During our consultation, I’ll ask lots of nosey questions about your big day to draw inspiration for your cake design. We usually get to a rough idea of how it will look by the end of the session, after which I set to work.

Whether it’s a simple semi-naked cake decorated with just a few fresh flowers, or a multi-tiered show-stopping cake, I create bespoke cake designs especially for each of my couples. I never recycle old designs. I may only send you one design if you know exactly what you want, or I may send you four. Sometimes there may be a bit of back and forth to reach your perfect cake - that’s fine!


It takes about a week to send designs after your consultation, during which time I’ll be sketching up ideas and final drafts, and the all important pricing. Each design is carefully calculated taking into account cost of ingredients and materials, and time to create.

I love sketching couples’ cake designs, although I have to admit my sugar skills are far better than my drawing skills (which is good I suppose - your cake will always look better than the design!) With a few years of wedding caking under my belt now, my cake sketches are getting better and better, but just in case, all my designs are annotated to give you the best possible idea of how your cake will look.

To start planning your dream wedding cake, get in touch to arrange a consultation, and you can have your very own bespoke designs…and beautiful bespoke wedding cake!

Introducing the Caked Studio

For the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed settling into my brand new studio, and I’ve been loving it!


After relocating my business from London to Dorset, I decided now was the time to create a dedicated cake space. I wanted somewhere that I could store all of my cake equipment and ingredients (there’s a lot!) and host consultations in a relaxed atmosphere.

As always with these kinds of projects, the final version ended up quite a bit bigger than the original plan, but I couldn’t be happier with my little cake studio. I enlisted Garden Affairs for the build and can’t recommend them enough (there’s a link to their website at the bottom of this post). They were so quick and efficient, and understood my vision perfectly.

Since the build, friends and family have been helping me paint and add all the finishing touches to make it my little cakey haven. Thank you to everyone that has been involved!

I’m now super excited to reveal all the hard work!

Come and see the studio by booking a wedding cake consultation or ordering a cake for collection (all by appointment only). Caked is located just outside of Shaftesbury, Dorset.

Garden Affairs design and build the most beautiful garden buildings, from sheds to actual mini houses! The designs are beautiful as well as functional, and the team are fabulous. Check out their website here: