Romantic Red Roses Wedding Cake

It's been hot this week. The UK has been basking in gorgeous weather, and I've been loving it.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I was delivering a wedding cake not too far from where I live. It was a delicious red velvet three tiered cake covered in cream cheese buttercream. Yes, buttercream. 

I find transporting a fondant-covered cake no problem at all, but when it comes to buttercream, it's a little more difficult. I always take plenty of spare buttercream with me to patch up any scrapes or smudges, but with buttercream you're very much at the mercy of the weather.

I'd finished the cakes the evening before, and placed them in my (tiny) fridge overnight so that they could chill firm. Then I transported the tiers separately, with ice packs taped to the outside of the cake boxes to try and keep them as cool as possible, cranking up the air conditioning in my car to full blast. 

After a 40 minute journey through central London, the buttercream was already starting to soften. I managed to get the cake stacked and patch up the buttercream around the edges. Luckily the cake was set up in a shady area of the room!

Romantic Red Rose Wedding Cake

Theresa at Merry Wedding Blooms supplied the fresh red roses for the cake - aren't they beautiful? They certainly created a wow effect.

Romantic Red Rose Wedding Cake

So when it comes to English summer weddings - buttercream or fondant? If it was my choice, I would always go for fondant. You know where you are with fondant, and it's easier to manoeuvre. But that's a cake designer talking. I know many couples prefer the taste of buttercream (I do too!) and you definitely shouldn't be put off my me. But if you do opt for a buttercream cake, remember to think carefully about where it will be positioned and how long it has to be there for. If you're having an outside wedding, ensure there is a covered area to put the cake (for rain or shine!) and if it's inside, make sure it's not right by a window in the sun. Luckily this cake was positioned perfectly to keep it safe from the sun.

As we all know, you can never trust the English weather!