Pimm's Layer Cake in time for Wimbledon

For the next two weeks, I'm looking forward to distracting myself from Brexit Blue's with Wimbledon, which starts today. 

With the sun shining on the first day, I'm hoping each afternoon and evening will be spent with the tennis on and patio doors open, constantly flitting between the kitchen, garden and TV. Heaven.

To celebrate, today I made a Wimbledon-inspired layer cake. 

Wimbledon Pimm's Layer Cake

Layers of the lightest Genoise sponge, filled with Pimm's infused Chantilly cream and Pimm's drenched cut fruit. Topped with piped Chantilly cream and piled high with cut fruit and sprigs of mint.

Wimbledon Pimm's Layer Cake - fruit

Genoise sponge was one of the first cakes we learnt to make during my time at Le Cordon Bleu. The difference now is that I can make it using a mixer without any guilt, unlike at school when we'd have to whisk and whisk until our arms dropped off. Genoise doesn't contain any raising agent, instead incorporating air into the eggs and sugar to create a rise. This makes for an incredibly light sponge, perfect for creamy cakes.

Wimbledon Pimm's Layer Cake Slice

To recreate that woozy feeling from sipping Pimm's and sitting too long in the sun at Wimbledon, I used plenty of booze. So despite the lightness, this is definitely a cake to eat on a lazy afternoon.

So who's for Pimm's?